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# PHP Programming Innovation Award

August 10th, 2007 No comments

The PHP Programming Innovation Award is to provide recognition to developers who make outstanding contributions to the PHP community.

The award aims to honor developers who share components in the form of PHP classes of objects that provide innovative features or solve problems with approaches that provide additional value to the PHP applications of other developers.

The main goal of this award is to encourage developers to contribute PHP components that provide innovative features, instead of just replicating the features already provided by previously contributed components.

At the same time it is expected or hoped that the recognition and prizes, which can be earned by award nominees and winners, will motivate more capable developers, who otherwise would not participate, to make contributions.

The PHP community has grown naturally without a marketing force persuading developers to adopt it, unlike other languages that are backed by big companies with large budgets to invest in huge marketing campaigns.

This award also has an implicit goal to inspire other sites or companies to promote PHP and its community by means of other initiatives, hopefully different from this one, that focus on motivating and providing recognition to individuals or groups who make outstanding contributions to the PHP community and foster the continuation of its growth.

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