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December 04-08, 2007 (Tuesday-Saturday)
National Science Symposium Centre, IISc, Bangalore, India

The selected Project Days sessions, in alphabetical order:

* Debian/Ubuntu
* Fedora
* Gnome
* IndLinux
* Mozilla
* OpenSolaris

For details visit the official FOSS.IN website

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MySQL Backups and a lot more

September 20th, 2007 No comments

A couple of years back, I had asked several people through groups, and posts the possibility of backing up a MySQL database programatically, from client side applications which could connect to remote servers running MySQL. There was a lot of suggestions,

* php script on server to take backup on server
* application code to select the data and do a round trip
* mysqldump from client machine with the server parameters

And finally from all those valuable suggestions from all the helpful people, I derived my own hybrid method which I would summarize in a few words. This is a method, which I have adopted for web applications in php as well as custom single machine applications in Visual Basic. How this can be termed as hybrid can be known by going into the structure, though it seems to be a bit complicated, it would serve the purpose and be worth the headache.

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