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PHP; Towards a 5.3 release

July 8th, 2008 No comments

Straight from the php internals discussion:

Items on the list as the key features of this release

1) namespaces
Here we need to make sure that the current state is now in a coherent state. I think Derick still has some issues with the recent change by Greg, but even his criticism did not sound all to loud. So I think we are in a good state here?

2) late static binding
Etienne had some questions recently, which were met by criticism by Stas. However all others agreed with the change. So I guess we are solid here too?

3) re2c
Rui recently came to the list with notes on the ZE MB feature.

4) windows support
Ever since Edin disappeared it has become clear that we have a bus factor issue with windows support. The windows team is working to rectify this situation. We need to make sure that the infrastructure to deliver windows binaries for PHP 5.3 as well as PECL extension is in place before we can release 5.3.

5) BC issues
Well this is a bit of an “anti-feature” in the sense its not a task anyone is dedicated to. The point is that we need to make sure that we understand any BC issues we currently have, so that we can either correct them or document them.

These are the 5 areas we the RMs would hope that people focus on.

Thats actually 3 focus areas too many for my taste, but goes to show that we might want to release more often (given that the list for 5.4 is already cramming up).

On top of this we also have a few other changes that are of quite some importance, but that to me will not stop a release if they do not make it (for the extensions we feel that they will be available via PECL for those who really need them now in the worst case). But these are big features non the less that could warrant a new minor release on their own alone if it would be for even bigger stuff:

1) intl extension
Last discussion ended without a decision on the class naming. I specifically remember Derick taking issue with intl ext “invading” the date ext namespace. Stas however arguing that the intl ext is supposed to bring some forwards compatibility to PHP 6 and therefore naturally will need to span the namespaces of other extensions, that are planned to be expanded for PHP 6.

2) phar extension
I guess we are pretty solid here?

Here we just need to make sure that we actually mark only the things as deprecated that we actually want to deprecate. This ties in a bit with the BC issues point above.

4) __callStatic

5) Garbage Collection

So is anything missing? Please everybody take time to review the todo list, make sure that all items are on the list, make sure that the information is as up to date as possible. Finally anyone who’s name is on this list (or who will add himself) should get in contact with Johannes and myself within 1 week (thats July 9th) to explain the state of the todo item and when he can finish the item and what the general impact the feature has on the release. Also please bring up any issues, especially for the above 6 points, to the list and try to focus on solving the issues in a timely manner. We RMs will try to moderate as much as possible, but understand that at some point we will have to have to go with one approach (or in the worst case we might have to push a feature to 5.4).

After July 9th, we will then publish a tentative release plan within 3 days afterwards. The tentative schedule will probably try to move us quickly towards a feature freeze together with a first alpha. Depending on our discoveries we will schedule beta and RC releases (obviously subject to continued review).

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