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sqlite3; I am falling in love..

March 8th, 2009 No comments

After about a decade of php and mysql, with just deviating only in the scripting or language area, today morining, I felt like digging into the sqlite3, which a lot of people are referring to, and some good RIA players are paying attention to also. The big names that sqlite website brags about are Adobe, Symbian and Firefox.

Jumping straight into the hands on, though for a prologe or introduction I will brief the respective situation. Kyle Newton of Galaxy WD, a client of Saturn SPL wanted a website to have the famous USAPostalCodes db, but he wanted the system to use pre imported flatfiles, and with about a couple of hours, we could pre import the USAPostalCodes db to the recommended format, though the whole data size was now 170MB. The pages where being generated on the webserver under 1/100 th of a second. Along with php ob_gzhandler was giving a good output. The client was almost satisfied, though he had some other views and that was not about the technology.

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