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Threading PHP scripts using OS facilities

September 30th, 2009 No comments

Recently while developing systems which consumes webservices, after a lot of optimizations were put into our code, we resorted to do some sort of benchmarking. From the begenning itself, we had proper loggers which were logging the activities to database tables, and verbose text files. For benchmarking of the systems we use xdebug, and our Open PHP Myprofiler. The code coverage analysis by xdebug, as well as cache grind showed our bottleneck was our webservice provider. While checking out, we also found that we could reduce the waiting time for webservices by requesting smaller data set from the webservice.
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Prototype based date picker

September 21st, 2009 10 comments

We had started optimizing drive for the projects of Reserway Technologies, and the work being done on the demo site. For the initial prototype, we used a dual datepicker developed in flex, which interacts with the html using javascript calls. We used this because the component was already available, and just adding a couple of handlers could do our job, and we could concentrate more on the abstraction of GDS integration. Well we are in a state where the backend is almost stable and we need more performance drive on the frontend. The first choice was ofcouse linking the libraries to google cdn. Then started cutting the curves. The biggest bottleneck was the whopping 220Kb for the flash control. I was particular to use a simple datepicker, which could be styled using css, and would be better if used the prototype library.
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