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php MsSQL Backup

January 30th, 2010 7 comments

A php script to dump database as sql from MS SQL

We started porting (provide dual support) one of our application from MySQL to MSSQL, sorry, actually we were trying to run the same code base on either MSSQL or MySQL as the client wishes. And those who knows both, will agree to the level of toughness and agony when considers the fact that all of us are on MySQL and are new to MSSQL. In this context, we wanted to provide backup and restore to the application administrator through the system itself, and was not contented with the .bak files provided by MSSQL backup.
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MySQL vs MsSQL – comparisons never end

January 27th, 2010 1 comment

Search for the title, and you will land in several sites, which will tell you the views of the author. In fact there may be hell lot of people who would tell you that one out performs the other. But in reality what does that mean ?. If one knows how to optimize the database server, the sql, and the code behind. The performance can be tuned to a factor that both are at par. Now that is a far fetched view. Just think of the real bare minimum hardware to handle 300 tables, with less than 50 having a million rows, and the rest having master data. The MsSQL server will need a min of dual core with 8G memory, whereas the mysql would run on a 2G Virtual Machine and even out perform the MsSQL server. Think of the SELECT …. LIMIT X,Y and the SELECT GROUP_CONCAT, the advantages when considering server side pagination as well as selections directly outputting JSON for ajax frontends.
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Question on wordpress script

January 8th, 2010 1 comment


I am looking for php script that can take input from a file for heading post and content from file to create post from command line using XMLRPC.

Can you do this ? How much you will charge ?


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