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Devise Web 2.0 applications with PHP

DHTML is HTML that includes JavaScript code that changes the content or layout of the page in the browser without going back to the server. When you write an HTML page, you’re actually writing an object tree. All the tags — the little <table>s and <p>s — become objects in the JavaScript space. Using JavaScript, you can change their content, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) styling, and location — all without ever going back to the server. DHTML is the intersection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The technology to use DHTML has been around since the addition of JavaScript code to the browser, but support for it has been spotty. Microsoft® Internet Explorer did an excellent job early on, but during the same period, Netscape V4 lacked support. Recently, Mozilla and Firefox have stepped up with solid DHTML support, and some believe the pendulum has swung so far that Internet Explorer is now behind the curve.

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