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JavaScript Aggregate; WordPress plugin

April 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

After reading about Website Performance Tweaks, and a lot of other blogs and slides, I thought about how to cook up a javascript aggregate plugin for wordpress. The out come is wp-jsmin. Though this is in its infancy, it is being used in this blog, to combine all linked javascript to a single link, thereby reducing server requests. This code is still in the testing stage, and may break if the used scripts do not pass lint checks. I am planning to shift all the options to a options page in the wordpress admin page.

Those who are daring enough could download and try. Please put a comment here if you are using this on your wordpress. And for others who would like professional help, I would be most pleased to extend my services through RentACoder. Or for a whole dedicated wordpress team to design, build and maintain sites like Kerala News, Cirrus Travles or Rajeev Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, send an inquiry to Saturn.

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