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Borland’s RAD for PHP; to be or not to be

February 28th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Borland’s wholly-owned spinoff CodeGear is releasing Delphi for PHP, claimed to be the first RAD visual PHP development environment. PHP 5.0 is required. The product is jointly developed by CodeGear and qadram software and is essentially the first production version of qadram’s qstudio, which never made it past pre-beta.

The IDE is a Delphi lookalike, built with Delphi but distinct from CodeGear’s BDS (Borland Developer Studio). The main point of interest is the component library called VCL (Visual Component Library) for PHP, formerly called WCL (Web Component Library), which is a set of PHP components modelled after Dephi’s VCL, supporting drag-and-drop form editing and customization with a property editor. Existing PHP libraries can easily be wrapped as new VCL for PHP components.

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