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WordPress object caching in file system

During the past couple of months, since we are maintaining a heavily loaded wordpress implementation, Kerala News Portal for Asianet, distributed across two servers, and having a daily visit of 50K, I was on the hunt for better caching and optimizing techniques. On the move, I happened to read the article by Jeff Starr, written some 15 months ago, and all the associated comments. It was sad to see that the file based cache was removed from wordpress, due to several reasons though.
After reading through this, I saw the official Function Reference for WP Cache, and the eAccelerator for WordPress by NeoSmart Technologies. Reading through the code written by Computer Guru of NeoSmart Technologies, tickled me and I just modified some parts, by pulling out the eaccelerator specific functions, and switching to a file system based store. I am not adding the code as pretty php code. Drop the file into wp-content, create a cache folder in wp-content and chmod folder to 755.
File based object caching for Wordpress (1700)
Recently only I found that this has been outdated with new version of wordpress demanding more of the wrapper functions and capabilities. And this has been brought into the system. Functionally more or less the same, but will work on shared hosting for just object caching.
Object Cache (895)

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